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Strimming Slot Scam
This is an amazing slot scam and has been in existance since the newer slot machines introduced more advanced ways to allow coins to be accepted.

The first type of coin slot was a simple mechanical device that would allow a coin, once inserted into the machines slot to roll along a cradle, if it was the right diameter and thickness it would roll to the end an trigger a switch that credits the machine accordingly.

This was open to abuse and people made their own coins from lead or even ice that would fool the machine into giving them credits for this foreign object.

So slot manufacturers turned their attention to making the coin slot much more resiliant and by using electronics they devised a coin slot that would electronically check each coin inserted was made of the correct material, was the correct diameter and thickness.

Only once a coin matched all three of these preset boundaries would the coin slot accept the coin, once it did it would open a gate that would allow the coin to pass into the "accept channel" where it would pass through a censor which would then credit the machine.

All coins that didn't match all three boundaries would be sent into the reject chute and would be returned to the player.

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The brand new electronic coin slot became industry standard and offered very good levels of protection, that was until scamsters took a close look at them and deviced ways to cheating them into giving out credits when they shouldn't have.

One simple way they found they could obtain unlimited credits was to simply pour a small amount of liquid into the slot, this would cause the electronics inside the slot to short circuit and would result in non stop credits being given out!

They would then simply play these free credits and collect all the cash wins until such a time that the machine ran out of money. They would then simply turn off the machine and walk away.

When an operator found the machine turned off they would then turn it back on and usually the machine would have dried out and no fault would be found, the machine would be refilled with cash and was once again waiting to be hit by these scamsters.

It took a while for the slot manufacturers to discover this slot scam but when they did they put in place steps to ensure the slot mechainsm could no longer be vulnerable to this scam, they did this by making all electronic components waterproof and encased in a gel like substance.

This led to a new scam being devised, once fraudster realised they could no longer obtain free credits via the liquid scam. This scam was called "strimming" and it got its name due to the wire used in the scam being the type found on garden strimmers. Its a very flexible piece of plastic wire that can be cut to any length.

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The scamsters understood that the electronic coin validators would measure each coin for the 3 preset parameters and as such the only way the could successfully fool it was to insert a real coin.

But that meant they have to devise a way to retrieve the coin once it had been accepted and it has successfully passed through the censor and been credit to the machines credit meter.

One can only presume it was whilst cutting their garden lawn that one of these scamsters shouted eureka and realized that by attaching a real coin to a piece of strimming wire they could allow the coin to be accepted and credited then simply yank the coin back out of the machine.

So this slot scam was born, and it worked extremely well as by using a real coin the coin slot would accept them all the time and as the wire was made of plastic the electronic censors in the slot didnt detect the wire at all.

This scam cost not only casinos and slot operations millions of dollars but also cost vending operations a small fortune too. anything with an electronic coin slot was vulnerable and with the number of frausters growing something had to be done and very quickly.
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