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Great Gambling Scams
The smell of cold hard cash has lured many people into devising ways to scam, cheat and steal and this is very true in the world of gambling.

The industry is littered with tales and stories of those who attempted to get away with vast sums of money, and conversely there are untold stories of those who perfected the art of cheating and who still do it day in day out.

Often those who perfect such crimes are looked upon as heroes, much like Robin Hood who took from the rich and gave to the poor. But for every crime there is a victim and in this section of the website we shall delve a little deeper into the murky underworld of gambling scams.

Slot Machine Scams
There are literally thousands of ways people have defrauded slot machines over the years and this has cost the whole industry literally millions of dollars, these scams are still going on day after day and as soon as one gets uncovered and exposed, another one comes quickly along.

It is an ongoing battle between slot manufacturers and slot cheats and one in which the cheats always seem on step ahead. In this section we take a close look at some of the most successful scams that have been carried out and these include the simple to use and highly successful Glass Press scam, that took nothing more than a little bit of brute force and enabled a player to empty a slot machine in minutes, with no tell tale signs.

In the UK slot manufacturers and operators paid the price for their money saving by allowing the Rodding scam to be easily put into practice and due to this scam all slot manufacturers were forced to make urgent design adjustments to all their slots.

Another great slot scam and one that still goes on to this day is the Strimming of the coin mech, this way of getting a slot machine to give you unlimited credits sent shockwaves through the industry and is one of the most costly of all scams ever perpetrated on casinos.
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A slot scam that was used mainly in the US but rapidly spread to all corners of the globe was the hopper sensor scam that resulted in every slot machine that was hit to be emptied very quickly, and as it only took a minute or so to execute this scam also took casinos for millions of dollars.

There have also been a number of In-house Slot Scams that employees of the casino or slot operation have perpetrated, these are usually the very hardest to unravel as those who commit this type of fraud keep their cards very close to their chests.

Racing Scams - The sport of Kings isn't immune to fraudsters and they have been a number of recent attempts to relieve the bookies of their cash, Betting after the result is the most common and has been very successful

Other scams that have made the bookies pay are altering the result scams and Manipulating the odds. Both these type of scams take a lot of planning but once they have been played out the bookmakers and sportsbooks are left licking their wounds, often they never know they have been hit by a team of fraudsters and as such are always vulnerable.

Greyhound racing has similarities to horse racing and as such there have also been several scams surrounding this form of gambling, one of the most common is stopping the race which takes a lot of effort but can help in a betting scam. Another novel scam is the switching the dog scam, which is amazingly simple to pull of and can be a highly profitable gambling scam.
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Roulette Scams
The most common and still used scam at the roulette table is past posting, but there have been some high-tech ways of ripping of a casino and one was the computer aided roulette scam that enabled players armed with the right equipment to know approximately where the roulette ball would land. Some have even escaped prosecution when caught by virtue of uncertainty surrounding the legality of using such devices.

Blackjack Scams
Plenty of people have tried to scam casinos via the blackjack tables and one of the most notable was the chip cup scam which escapes detection from the eye in the sky and took a great deal of investigation before it was finally exposed. Then there have been ways dealers and players have colluded and this led to the Dealer card flash scam, which gave players the chance of seeing what the dealers next cards were.
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