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Glass Press Slot Scam
To understand how many of the slot scams work you need to get a basic idea of how slot machines work and operate. Modern day slot machines are electronically controlled and have a computer that controls all aspects of their operation

The computer sends and receives signals from all the different parts of the machine, namely the coin and note acceptor, the reel assembly and the hopper which pays out the coins. New slot machines have a ticket dispenser which does away with the hopper and eliminates any coin payout errors.

Not that long ago however, most slot machines were mechanically controlled and by inserting a coin into the coin slot this allowed you to pull the arm on the slot machine which powered the reels and made them spin.

The reels would have symbols on them and the number of these symbols coupled with the number of possible stops on the slot machine would enable the slot owners to set by way of the payout table a working and theoretical payout percentage.

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This type of mechanical slot machine was very vulnerable to the glass press scam which was a very simple scam that took the casinos for a huge amount of cash. Even the more modern electro-mechanical slots were vulnerable to this method of cheating.

The scam is very simple and all a player had to do was to play the machine normally until such a time that a win appeared. The machine would payout the correct number of coins for the win and all was well.

But what the scamster would do next was to insert a coin into the slot, then would place their arm onto the reel glass then with a little bit of pressure applied this would force the glass to press onto the reels, once the player pulled the slot machines arm the reels would not move as the glass was obstructing its movement.
The slot machine would then think another win had been spun in and would payout the win again! By doing this simple manoeuvre over a small period of time the slot machine could be emptied of it contents.

Once a machine had been emptied they would simply walk away and do the same thing on another machine in a different casino. If another player won on that machine and it didn't payout due to it being empty the slot mechanic who would be called to assist the player would simply instruct the cashier to refill that machine.

With no physical signs of a break-in the casino would presume that it had simply paid out several large wins and their suspicions would not be aroused. That is of course until it became widespread and they caught several people doing it.

Slot manufacturers were fairly quick to react and this led to all the slots becoming totally electronically operated, they also fitted sensors to the reel assembly that would sound an alarm if it detected an obstruction, thus alerting the casino to a possible malfunction or potential fraud in operation.

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Reel Spin Manipulation
Another way a player could defraud a machine was by manipulating the reel spin mechanism, this was possible by several methods the most common being by inserting a coin into the machine to obtain a credit then pulling the arm in such a way it by-passed the reel spin, thus allowing a win to be repeatedly paid out on. This took a lot of skill but once mastered a player could guarantee that every spin was a winning on, and in no time at all slot machines could be emptied.

Another bizarre way people used to get repeat wins was by using a large magnet and by placing it over the reel glass and slowly pulling the arm of the machine this would force the reels to remain static, or the more experience scamster would use the magnet to bring in the jackpot symbols. This scam led to plastic reels quickly being made and put into use.

Some slot machine operators are less than honest and they ensured that players could never win a large jackpot, this was made possible by simply using a piece of sellotape! Each slot machine reel had small grooves cut into each slot symbols position, this allowed the electronically controlled machines to know what symbol the reel had stopped on and thus would make a payout on winning line-ups.

But what the operator would do would be to simply place a small piece of sellotape on the groove on one of the reels that was the jackpot symbols position, so when that reel was about to stop on the jackpot symbol the tape made the reel slip down to the next symbol!
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